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Clear Braces in UAE

Am I a candidate?


Straight teeth with Invisible Braces at AED 6,900 or 985/month

Take the free Online Assessment and get the orthodontist approval in less than 24 hours. Your Smileneo treatment is monitored via mobile App - no recurring clinic visits!

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Clear braces are the best way to get the new smile you want.

Smileneo Clear Braces are the best way to straighten your teeth in 6 months. They are certified, convenient and for 6,900 AED only. For those based in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and other places near, Smileneo clear braces are the fastest way to get the perfect smile. 

We use multiple sets of clear plastic braces to straighten teeth - the treatment is approved by board-certified orthodontists.  These clear braces are completely safe and invisible, designed and individually printed for each user. We use 3D intraoral technology that ensures complete precision. The clear braces are made of non-BPA and latex free plastic. 

Smileneo Clear Braces conveniently straighten teeth in 6 months

In just 5 easy steps, you can straighten your teeth with Smileneo Clear Braces:

  1. Take free online assessment: You can start your Smileneo clear braces journey right away by signing up for the treatment online. All you have to do is take a free assessment right now and send in 3 pictures of your jaw to see if you’re eligible for the clear braces treatment. 
  2. Dentist consultation and 3D scanning: Once you have been approved, you will visit a partner clinic nearest to you in Dubai for your 3D intraoral scanning and consultation. We will then plan your treatment and produce your clear plastic braces once you approve the 3D simulation of your smile transformation. 
  3. You receive your clear braces: Smileneo Clear Braces will be handed over to you all at once, for you to get started on your smile journey
  4. Say hello to your new smile: You will have to switch to a new set of clear braces every 1-2 weeks. It will take nearly 6 months for you to go through your entire treatment and get perfectly straight teeth. Your clear braces treatment progress will be monitored online by our orthodontists. To get the best result, you are expected to wear your clear braces 22 hours a day, there are no different nighttime clear braces - you’ll wear the same clear braces at night and during the day.  Switch to the next set of clear braces every 1-2 weeks. Remove your clear plastic braces when you eat or drink, brush your teeth before putting back on your clear braces.
Clear Braces UAE

What is the price of Smileneo Clear Braces? 

The Smileneo clear braces are available at an affordable price of 6,900 AED. This includes the dentist consultation at 400 AED and the Smileneo invisible braces at 6,500 AED. The Smileneo Clear Braces cost 70% less than metal braces in UAE and other clear braces options. Smileneo is proud to offer the most cost effective way to straighten teeth. There are no costly in person visits to the dentists, the treatment is tracked online by orthodontists for our invisible braces in Abu Dhabi , Sharjah, Dubai & other places.

Clear Braces vs Metal Braces

  • Clear Braces cost a lot lesser than metal braces: Smileneo clear braces’ direct-to-consumer model allows us to deliver the same quality of care as in-office visits without the extra costs. Traditional metal braces cost a lot, Smileneo clear braces in Dubai are 70% cheaper, coming at a fixed price of 6,900 AED. 
  • Clear Braces treatment is faster than metal braces: Metal Braces can take up to 2 years, whereas the Smileneo Clear Braces treatment only takes 6 months to straighten teeth. Unlike metal braces, with Smileneo clear braces there is also no time wasted on time consuming and recurring in person visits to the dentist - every treatment is tracked online via the Smileneo mobile app. 
  • Clear Braces are best for adults: Metal braces are not ideal for adults as most people want to keep their straight teeth treatment discreet. Clear braces on the other hand are completely transparent and not visible to most people - therefore they are ideal for all ages: adults, teenagers, college students etc. Smileneo clear plastic  braces are the best orthodontist recommended option to straighten teeth. 
Clear Braces vs Metal Braces UAE

Questions? We've got the answers.

Which type of clear braces are cheaper?

Clear Braces cost 6,900 AED when you buy them from Smileneo in Dubai, including the physical assessment at 400 AED. It is a fixed price. Other solutions such as metal braces and other clear braces options are a lot more expensive.

What are clear braces called?

Clear Braces are refered to as Invisible Braces, clear aligners, transparent braces and invisible aligners. All are different names for the same product.

Do clear braces look good?

Clear Braces are made of transparent non-BPA, latex free plastic and are not visible. Most people won't even notice you wearing them. Because of this discreet approach, clear braces are ideal for adults who want to keep their treatment to themselves.

Do clear braces cost more?

Clear Braces cost 6,900 AED when you buy them from Smileneo in Dubai. This includes the physical assessment at 400 AED and the actual braces at 6,500 AED and is a fixed price. Other solutions such as metal braces and other clear braces options are a lot more expensive.

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