Am I a candidate?

Invisible Braces in Abu Dhabi

Am I a candidate?


Straight teeth with Invisible Braces at AED 6,900 or 985/month

Take the free Online Assessment and get the orthodontist approval in less than 24 hours. Your Smileneo treatment is monitored via mobile App - no recurring clinic visits!

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A perfect, shiny and healthy smile is the fastest way to boost our self-confidence and to achieve the aesthetic standards we yearn for.

Crooked teeth and jaw misalignment are a major concern among adults. With busy schedules, dental braces in Abu Dhabi are often not an option among teenagers and working adults. Which is why Invisible Braces have become one of the most successful forms of braces in Abu Dhabi.

Invisible Braces are the Ultimate Healthy Smile Solution!

Invisible Braces are cost-effective, convenient and comfortable as they save you from the awkward look traditional braces give off and are practically invisible causing them to not be a hindrance in your daily life! Invisible Braces in Abu Dhabi save you time by fixing your teeth in a timeline of 6 months and also allows you to maintain your dental hygiene.

So, forget about painful metal wire gawking through your smile and get your Invisible Braces now!

Smileneo – Convenient and Fast Dental Braces in Abu Dhabi!

Are you looking for the most convenient and reliable dental braces in Abu Dhabi? Smileneo brings you its premium Invisible Braces that are made to perfection with top board-certified orthodontists and provides customized treatment plan for each patient so they can achieve the beautiful and perfect smile!

Smileneo Invisible Brace price in Abu Dhabi is market-competitive as it features remote consultation which saves you from thetime-wasting trips to the dentist’s clinics for every minor consultation.  

Smileneo’s Results Speak for itself!

Customer satisfaction is Smileneo’s biggest concern which is why Smileneo’s clear braces are made with the top-of-the-line 3D technology that is made after consultation from expert orthodontists where a 3D preview of your new smile is shown prior to the treatment!

The Invisible Braces are then printed with the 3D technology of a top medical grade and personalized according to the patient's teeth that gradually reposition them to perfection.

What makes Smileneo the best choice of Invisible Braces in Abu Dhabi

Smileneo offers customized treatment for each patient made with the top-of-the-line 3D Technology. You get complete transparency of the costs and get fast results within just 6 months. Plus, as Smileneo is remotely monitored, you only have to visit the clinic TWICE!

So, are you ready to get your healthy with Smileneo? Take our easy and free Online Assessment to see if you can be a candidate!

Get Your Perfect Smile with Smileneo!

Smileneo’s Invisible Braces are guaranteed to provide you with the perfect smile you desire in the following steps!  

  • Online Smile Assessment Test that identifies your eligibility to be a candidate
  • Clinical visit for dental consultation and a professional assessment that includes a 3D intra oral scan, an x-ray, a physical assessment.
  • Preparation of your customized treatment with the best dental 3D software
  • After 1 week you’ll receive your Invisible Braces in Abu Dhabi after which your progress will be monitored by our experts online through the Smileneo mobile app.
  • Finally, say hello to your new smile!

If you’re looking for cheap braces in Abu Dhabi that give you premium results then Smileneo is your best choice as it offers a complete package of the Invisible Braces at fixed price of 6,900 AED. You can opt for monthly installments at 0% interest starting at AED255/month for credit card installments. That includes everything from the consultation fees and to your Invisible dental trays!  

Questions? We've got the answers.

What is the price of Invisible Braces?

The Smileneo Invisible Braces come at a fixed price of 6,900 AED. This includes the Doctor Consultation and the full set of Invisible Braces. Smileneo is 60% cheaper than other braces. Smileneo is proud to provide high quality Invisible Braces at a low cost.

Do Invisible Braces hurt?

Invisible braces don't hurt. When putting on a new aligner after every 7 days, you can feel the pressure that the Invisible Braces are putting on your teeth to move them. This pressure gets less and less during the week of wearing them.

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