It's so simple to straighten your teeth

Just follow 5 simple steps and we'll
give you the new smile you want.

Smile Assessment for Invisible Braces

Step 1

Free online pre-assessment

To see if you qualify as a candidate for Smileneo, fill out our quick online survey (it will take you only a minute and it's free). We require 3 pictures of your teeth - you can take these pictures using your phone camera. Once you've submitted, our dental experts will review your case and send you the results within 24 hours via email.

Why is this important?

This assessment is designed to identify certain medical conditions and see if you're eligible for the treatment. We care about your time and want to ensure that you only visit our orthodontist, if you qualify.

Step 2

Your 3D intraoral scanning
and consultation

Once our experts approve you for your Smileneo treatment, you can book an appointment online at our partner clinic closest to you. The consultation includes a 3D intraoral scan, an x-ray, a physical assessment and professionally taken pictures of your teeth. At our clinics, you will enjoy the highest standard of care and you'll be done with your consultation in not more than an hour.

Why is this important?

The 3D intraoral scan with our state-of-the-art technology will enable us to make a 3D model of your teeth so we can design your treatment plan with complete precision.
Our experts will only approve treatment if they’re certain they can safely and effectively deliver a great outcome; therefore, our dental experts will do a physical assessment and an x-ray examination to fully evaluate the condition of your jaw.

Doctor Consultation for Clear Aligners
Invisible Braces Treatment Plan

Step 3

Orthodontists prepare your
treatment plan

Our orthodontists will plan your Smileneo treatment using top-of-the-line dental 3D software. The treatment plan shows how your teeth will gradually move to the desired position week on week. We will send you a 3D simulation, for you to see your smile transformation before we create your invisible braces.

Why is this important?

At Smileneo, we precisely plan the movements of your teeth as part of your treatment, to achieve a beautiful and healthy smile. Our professional treatment plan is key for the production of your customised clear aligners.

Invisible Braces Treatment Plan

Step 4

You receive your invisible braces

Once you sign-off on your treatment plan, your invisible braces will be ready within 1 week. Our partner clinic will guide you and answer all questions you may have regarding the treatment. The Smileneo treatment typically takes 6 to 9 months, based on the position of your teeth. You will receive all personalized aligners, and accessories that you will require over the course of your treatment, all at once, so there is no wait.

Why is this important?

No more waiting for monthly or weekly supply. The pack you receive has everything you need for the full course of your treatment, including all aligners, a practical case to take your aligners with you anywhere you go and a practical guide. The whole treatment will cost 6,500 AED only.

Invisible Braces in Dubai from Smileneo
Smileneo App Invisible Braces

Step 5

Say hello to your new smile!

To achieve the perfect result, you need to wear your invisible braces 22 hours a day. Every 1-2 weeks you can switch to the next set of aligners shared with you. Over the course of your treatment, the progress will be monitored by our experts remotely through the Smileneo mobile app. We care about your experience and are available to you 24/7 - if you have any questions, you can get in touch with our experts at any time of the day via chat.

Why is this important?

No more waiting rooms. No more high costs. No recurring visits to your orthodontist during the treatment. With the Smileneo App, you get expert supervision, throughout your treatment, at your fingertips!

Smileneo App Invisible Braces
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