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6 eating habits to adopt while wearing Invisible Braces
June 16, 2020

6 eating habits to adopt while wearing Invisible Braces

The beauty of Smileneo’s Invisible Braces is that, unlike your traditional metal braces, these are not painfully fixed to your teeth and you can take them off anytime you want before indulging in special treats and can practically eat anything you want and anywhere without being embarrassed about food getting stuck in your braces. A key reason why clear braces have been so popular among adults. Just take note of a few precautions with what you’re eating and how you’re eating and you're good.

Now that you’ve taken the Free Online Assessment and qualified as an eligible candidate for the treatment, not too long before you get your big box of braces. And if like us, food is the centre of your universe, then you must've started wondering what eating habits you'll have to adopt during the course of your treatment.

We have you covered. We’ve listed some tips and tricks that will allow you to maintain your smile to stay perfect. Just a little care will go a long way and give you the perfect smile you’ve been waiting for in possibly as less as 90 days.


Eating habits to adopt during the Invisible Braces treatment

  1. Remove the Invisible Braces before eating or drinking
    Before you start eating or drinking anything (apart from water, of course), remove your Smileneo Invisible Braces so you can enjoy eating anything you want with liberty without worrying about ruining the braces. There's a risk of getting food debris stuck in the between your braces that would be impossible to remove without expert help. Sometimes, laziness gets the best of us and we might end up taking a small bite of our snack thinking it will be harmless but the dental trays may get damaged.
  1. Wash the Invisible Braces before putting them back on
    When you’re done eating your food, don’t forget to rinse your invisible braces with lukewarm water before you put them back on. Make sure you keep your braces safely covered when you take them off. Leaving them out in the open and putting them back on without washing might expose them to germs which can cause bacteria to build up in your mouth and also make your braces discoloured and smelly!
  1. Plan your meal and snack times accordingly
    In order to get the best results quickly with your clear braces, orthodontists recommend them to be worn for at least 22 hours daily. Therefore, it’s a good idea to plan ahead for your meals and time them accordingly so you know for how long you had to remove your Invisible Braces.
  1. Avoid chewing gum during your Smileneo treatment
    Chewing gum doesn’t match well with Smileneo’s invisible braces because the constant chewing can disrupt the effect of the aligners and also cause the teeth alignment to get altered slightly.
  1. Do not have hard candy and too many crunchy foods
    While you can occasionally indulge in a quick candy craving, it is advised to avoid doing it too often. As your teeth are undergoing the pressure of being straightened with our clear aligners, eating crunchy foods too often might cause discomfort.
  1. Keep your dental hygiene game strong
    Brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day is recommended by every dentis. During your treatment, however, make sure you brush and floss your teeth before you put your clear braces back on. You’ve to make sure that the food and plaque that might be stuck to your teeth is gone before you put your invisible braces on.

Have more concerns or are worried about eating a certain snack or food while your orthodontic procedure is going on? Then worry not, you can ask away any queries and confusions you might have with our 24/7 online chat that has experts consulting and guiding you through every step.

Visit Smileneo now and sign up to make the most of it at https://www.smileneo.com/ .

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