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A socially distanced treatment at its best
June 21, 2020

A socially distanced treatment at its best

Keeping your external interaction at a bare minimum is the new normal. But that shouldn’t keep you from getting a new smile. With Smileneo’s remote monitoring, you can straighten your teeth without office visits, but still have an orthodontist directing your care via the Smileneo App. You get to stay home, stay safe, stay confident. Smileneo’s Invisible Braces give you the opportunity to achieve that flawless smile without compromising on social distancing.

What are the benefits of a remotely monitored treatment?

With the Smileneo treatment you really have it all. Discreet and non-intrusive Invisible Braces, the in-office appointments and direct guidance via an App by an orthodontist.

Say hello to your new smile

Utmost convenience

Traditional metal braces and other clear aligner options require a lot of time investment from you. Monthly and sometimes bimonthly visits to the dentist's office can take up a lot of your time. Smileneo’s mobile app comes as a true blessing. No time for appointments? No worries. You can be in bed, in your bathroom or anywhere else in the world - take scans from your phone and get in touch with an orthodontist at any time of the day.

Expert care at your fingertips

Your Smileneo treatment is remotely monitored by experts in the field. We are talking about orthodontists who are specialists in the diagnosis and correction of misalignments of the teeth - they go to school to learn how to straighten teeth. Our orthodontist will track your progress with scans you take from your phone. You won’t have to wonder how everything is going, your treatment will be supervised no matter where you are.

Feel safe

You don’t worry about too much exposure to the outside world. You visit once for the Doctor Consultation and then for your Fitting Appointment - strict SOPs are followed on both occasions. After that, there are no more visits, your orthodontist makes sure everything is on track from wherever you are.

Faster treatment

Each person is unique and so is their treatment plan. You may be someone who can switch to a new set of aligners before the standard 1-2 weeks. With remote monitoring, you’ll get a sign-off from our orthodontist to move to the next set of aligners as soon as you’re ready.

Sign-up for your Smileneo Invisible Braces today.Don’t let the isolation keep you from getting your Hollywood smile! You’re perfect in every way, and you deserve to have that perfect smile too. Just take our online smile assessment and be on your way to your new smile journey!

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