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Invisible Braces get you a Hollywood smile and so much more
February 16, 2020

Invisible Braces get you a Hollywood smile and so much more

Invisible braces are the easiest and fastest way to straighten teeth using custom-fitting plastic trays that makes the process discreet, convenient, and easy.

The primary purpose and benefits of invisible braces, also known as clear aligners, is pretty clear (pun-intended), but what you don’t know is that they can be life-changing in so many other ways.  

What you know about Smileneo Invisible Braces

  • Straight teeth without having to break the bank
  • Invisible and discreet - most people won’t even notice you wearing them
  • Super convenient - easy to wear, easy to remove, comfortable - your mouth isn’t full of metal. Easy to clean and floss.
  • Custom-designed for each individual using 3D technology so they are also very precise
  • Certified and recommended by orthodontists and safe to use; they are made of medical grade, non-BPA and latex free plastic.

Here is what you don’t know will happen when you get invisible braces

  • No more binge eating. Yes, many users have said that after they started their invisible braces treatment, they stopped eating at random hours of the day less. The act of taking off the braces to eat and then brushing teeth after holds you back from opening that bag of chips. Consequently, you tend to have a healthier lifestyle and end up shedding the extra pounds.
  • Better oral hygiene. Not only do you get the perfect Hollywoood smile - most Smileneo customers end up having a much more improved oral hygiene as a result of the teeth brushing and flossing after meals. The extra attention to teeth is great for you and also puts you in the habit of keeping your teeth clean at all time post the Smileneo treatment. Also, once you have the smile you always wanted, you have a big incentive to always keep it nice and bright.

  • You stop smoking. It is recommended to remove your invisible braces when you smoke and then brush your teeth before putting them back on. Smileneo users normally are excited to see the best results and follow instructions, which obviously results in them not smoking much and eventually quitting altogether.  

These are just a few benefits. Your new smile brings a new confidence in you which itself has such a major impact on your life. Get started on your life transformation plan today - take the Smileneo free online assessment and cha-ching, you’re a step closer.

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