Why Smileneo Invisible Braces?

Best quality, most convenient and affordable!

Comparing Invisible Braces

Smileneo in comparison

Smileneo Invisible Braces with clear advantage

Comparing Metal Braces and Traditional Clear Aligners, shows clearly the advantage that you get with Smileneo Invisible Braces. Why wasting time and money with other solutions, Smileneo delivers the best teeth straightening treatment in the market.

Comparing Invisible Braces

The best Invisible Braces available


Our aligners are practically invisible. Most people won’t even notice you wearing them!


All treatments are approved by our board certified orthodontists. Our Invisible Braces are made of medical grade, non-BPA and latex free plastic.


We use the Smileneo app to monitor your progress through regular check ins with our doctors.


At AED 6,900, Smileneo Invisible Braces are 70% more affordable than other methods available in the market.


We use 3D Intraoral Scanners and state-of-the-art 3D printing technology to produce the highest quality of Invisible Braces.


We deliver your personalised Invisible Braces within 1-2 weeks. You are then only 6 to 9 months away from your new smile!

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