Am I a candidate?

Invisble Aligners Cost in UAE

Am I a candidate?


Straight teeth with Invisible Braces at AED 6,900 or 985/month

Take the free Online Assessment and get the orthodontist approval in less than 24 hours. Your Smileneo treatment is monitored via mobile App - no recurring clinic visits!

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6,900 AED

Metal Braces
15,000 AED

Other Aligners
20,000 AED

one-time or monthly Payment

Complete treatment at AED 6,900 or 985/month

Smileneo Invisible Braces come at a fixed price of AED 6,900. Pay at once or in 0% monthly installments starting at AED 985/month.

Convenient and affordable

Smileneo Invisible Braces


One time payment or monthly installments - fixed price AED 6,900


Treatment remotely monitored by orthodontists via mobile App


End-to-end 3D technology and Invisible Braces made in Germany


Treatment start 1 week after approval - new smile in 3-6 months

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Our orthodontists remotely monitor your treatment via mobile App. Get expert care without recurring clinic visits.

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High quality Invisible Braces

Your Smileneo treatment is planned and monitored by our German orthodontists. We use 3D technology from the scan at our partner clinic, to the production at our lab. Get the best doctor care for your teeth.

Expensive Aligners


3D Scan &

Planned by Orthodontist


Made in Germany

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Invisible aligners are the fastest way to get the perfect smile.

Smileneo Invisible Aligners or Invisible Teeth Aligners is the best way to straighten teeth in 6 months at a low cost. The Smileneo invisible clear aligners are best in Dubai and come at a low cost of 6,900 AED in Dubai. They are the fastest and most convenient way to get straight teeth in Dubai and areas near me and you.

Smileneo Invisible Aligners are certified and recommended by board-certified orthodontists - during the treatment to straighten teeth, they use several sets of invisible aligners - these are custom-designed for each user, using 3D printing technology - the material is comfortable, it’s non-BPA and latex free plastic. Smileneo Invisible Aligners are convenient, certified and unlike all other invisible clear aligner options, they come at an affordable price of 6,900 AED. They are the best invisible aligners in Dubai. 

Smileneo Invisible Aligners are the best way to straighten teeth in UAE

Many users ask for ‘invisible aligners near me’, as they are all looking for convenience -  Smileneo treatment can start right now online with the free online assessment. Just follow these 5 easy steps and learn about your Invisible braces treatment process and you can get the new smile you want.

  1. Take online assessment: Get started now by first taking the online assessment - it will take you just a minute. You will answer a few questions and upload 3 pictures of your smile. Our orthodontists will review your case to see if you qualify - we will notify you within a day via email. If you qualify, you'll set-up an appointment at our partner clinic near you via a link we'll share with you in the email.
  2. Dentist consultation and 3D scanning: Once you set up an appointment, you will visit our partner clinic for dentists consultation and your 3D intra-oral scanning. The dentist consultation includes physical assessment and x-ray to run an extra check on whether you're eligible. Purpose of the 3D scan is to take 3D scans of your jaw so we can make your invisible aligners with complete precision. We offer the best invisible aligners to straighten teeth in Dubai, using the best technology, tools and material. 
  3. You get your invisible aligners: After the 3D scan of your jaw for your invisible clear aligners, our orthodontists will plan your treatment using the best 3D software. The treatment plan shows how your teeth will move to the ideal position during the course of your treatment. You will then get  a 3D simulation of your teeth to see what your teeth will look like by the end of your treatment, once you approve, your clear aligners are made that will perfectly straighten your teeth. Your invisible aligners will then be ready within 6-8 day.
  4. Say hello to your new smile: You then get started on your straight teeth journey that normally takes 6 months to complete. Your Invisible Aligners treatment will be monitored online by orthodontists. To get the best results, wear your invisible aligners for 22 hours a day - keep them on at night.
Invisible Aligners in uae

Smileneo Invisible Aligners offer high quality at a low cost

The Smileneo invisible aligners cost 6,900 AED only. The breakdown of this price is 400 AED for dentist consultation and 3D scanning and 6,500 AED for the invisible aligners. The dentist consultation includes physical assessment by dental experts, x-ray and professionally taken photos of your smile/jaw. And the 3D scanning is done with state-of-the-art technology to get the best results. The Smileneo invisible aligners are high quality, completely safe made of latex free non-BPA plastic.

The invisible aligners are the most affordable teeth straightening option in Dubai - the price is significantly lower than traditional metal braces and other clear aligner options.

Invisible Aligners gaining popularity over Metal Braces

Smileneo Invisible Aligners vs Metal Braces. Metal braces are very costly compared to invisible aligners. If you are looking for the best way to straighten your teeth in Dubai online, Smileneo invisible clear aligners are perfect for you and only cost 6,900 AED. 

  • Invisible Aligners take much less time than Metal Braces: Metal Braces can take up to 2 years, whereas Smileneo Invisible Aligners  only take 6 month to straighten teeth. After you take the online test and visit clinic near you for 3D scan, your invisible clear aligners are given to you within a week. You get all sets of invisible aligners you will need during your treatment at once. Your progress is tracked online by certified orthodontists
  • Invisible Aligners are discreet and ideal for adults unlike Metal Braces: Invisible aligners are ideal for teenagers, college students and also adults. Most people want to keep their treatment private and invisible clear teeth aligners help you do that as most people won’t even notice you wearing them.
  • Invisible aligners cost a lot lesser than metal braces: Cost of Invisible braces & Aligners are almost 70% lesser than metal braces. The direct-to-consumer model helps Smileneo Invisible Aligners offer high quality at a low price. Unlike metal braces, there are no recurring costly visits to the dentists - the treatment is tracked remotely online by orthodontists.
Invisible Aligners

Questions? We've got the answers.

What if you lose your invisible aligner?

If you lose a invisible aligner,please contact our Smileneo care team immediatly. Depending on your case, you may be able to move on to the next invisible aligner. In certain cases, you may need to purchase a replacement step for 100 UAD. It’s important that you reach out so your orthodontist can reflect your current step.

What age are invisible aligners for?

Invisible aligners are ideal for ages 18 and above. Younger patients are not eligible as their teeth continue to grow during early teenage years. With their non-invasive approach, they are ideal for adults as most people above 18 want to keep their straight teeth journey discreet. Invisible Aligners are completely transparent, most people won't even notice you wearing them.

Is 20 hours enough for invisible aligners?

For best results, you are recommended to wear your invisible aligners 20-22 hours a day. Over the course of the treatment you wear each invisible aligner for 7 days, 20-22 hours a day. During this time, the invisible aligners making slight adjustments to your teeth of 0.25mm to 0.3mm.

How much do invisible aligners cost in UAE?

Invisible aligners cost 6,900 AED when you buy them from Smileneo in Dubai. This includes the physical assessment at 400 AED and the actual aligners at 6,500 AED and is a fixed price. Other solutions such as metal braces and other clear aligner options are more expensive.

How long does it take for invisible aligners to work?

With Invisible Aligners you can straighten your teeth in 3-6 months. The average treatment takes 6 months, depending on the position and severity of your teeth. During the treatment, you change to a new aligner every 7 days if you wear your Invisible Braces 22 hours a day.

Do invisible aligners really work?

Invisible aligners really do work. They are custom-made based on a 3D treatment plan defined by an orthodontist and they come as a set of multiple aligners. Over the course of the treatment you wear each invisible aligner for 7 days, 22 hours a day. During this time, the invisible aligners making slight adjustments to your teeth of 0.25mm to 0.3mm. With Invisible Aligners you can straighten your teeth in 6 months on average.

Can you kiss and eat with invisible aligners?

Yes, you'll have no trouble kissing with your invisible aligners on. The aligners are tightly fitted and won't come out easily. You can remove them when you kiss but it's not necessary at all. When you eat, however, you should remove your invisible aligners and then brush your teeth before putting them back on. Same rule applies for smoking.